BORYS BURYAK (1953, Podvirne village, Chernivtsi region) – painter; member of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (1987); founder of the Club of Ukrainian Artists (KUM); laureate of the prize of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine (1991) for the work “Death of Boychuk”; Honored Artist of Ukraine (2004); Senator of the Academic Senate of the International Academy of Contemporary Art in Rome (2009); People’s Artist of Ukraine (2016). He lives and works in Lviv.
He graduated from the Lviv State School of Applied Arts (1974) and the Lviv State Institute of Applied Arts (1979, teachers Dragan T., Ovsiychuk V.). 1979–1981 – Deputy Director for Educational Work and teacher of drawing at the Lviv College of Arts. 1981–1986 – teacher of drawing and painting at the Lviv Institute of Applied and Decorative Arts. Works in the field of easel and monumental painting.
Since 1976 he has participated in national and international exhibitions in Kyiv, Lviv, Rzeszów, New York, Lyon, Metz, Angers, Vienna, Brussels, Falkenburg, Aachen, Siegen, Dortmund, Munich, Forti, Wachten-Berkum and Prague. Personal exhibitions: Lviv (1986), Rzeszów (1988), Jaroslav (1988), New York (1991), Vienna (1993, 1997), Metz (1994), Duren (1997), Dortmund (1997–1999), Angers (1997–1998, 1999), Siegen (1998), Aachen (1999). The artist’s works are stored in museums of Ukraine and in private collections in Ukraine, France, Germany, Austria, Belgium, the Netherlands, Switzerland, USA, etc.

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