HRYHORIY ZORYK (1958)– painter, Honoured Artist of Ukraine, member of the National Art Union of Ukraine.
He is possessing the original style based on the aesthetics of classical subject painting. In his creativity, the artist is paying special attention to the plein-air painting, considering nature to be his basic teacher. He operates all genres and practices various techniques. He performs authentic graphic materials in the technique of chaotic strokes (mascara, pen), practicing with gouache and watercolors. He prefers oil painting and tempera technique. History, religion, culture, folk traditions and customs, in the range of the artist’s interests, find their authorial reconstruction, realistic interpretation and artistic philosophy.

Starting from 1986, the artist’s paintings have been actively involved at native and international exhibitions. 40 individual and more than 150 collective expositions have been held. The art vernissages of 2012-2016 in Beijing, Shanghai and Chicago turned to be of a great success.
A number of his works complement the collections of the museum after T. Shevchenko in Aktiubinsk, local history museums in Vinnytsia, Estate Museum after M. Kotsiubynsky, Vinnytsia Art Museum, the Museum of Aeronautics, Lviv Museum of History of the National Army of Ukraine, the National Museum of T. Shevchenko in Kyiv, and also at Teatro All Scala (La Scala) in Milan. In 2015, the artist made to order a series of portraits of famous historical characters, associates, philanthropists, Ukrainian hetmans, military men, scientists, writers and public figures. Ultimately, all of the works have constituted a permanent exposition of the museum of the National University of Kyiv-Mohyla Academy.

The works by the artist are being kept within private collections in Ukraine, Great Britain, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Serbia, Bulgaria, Slovenia, China, Canada, Cuba and USA.
Since 2010, Hryhorii Zoryk has been a lecturer of the artistic and decorative department at the Tulchyn School of Culture (Vinnytsia region) and covered the following disciplines – “Painting”, “Drawing”, “Composition”.

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