Nina Buryak was born on 26 of November in Lviv, Ukraine. Nina is a bright representative of the 80’s and 2000’s, actively participating in exhibitions, working in both trades painting and graphic arts. 1980 she was graduated at Lviv Institute of Applied and Decorative Art, division Fashion Design (professors leading her graduation were V. Ovsiychu, M. Bezpaljkiv, T. Kuzmminska). From 1980-1995 Nina worked in Lviv Fashion House. She was in charge to create and to develop women’s outdoor clothing, parallel she was working in the fields of easel graphics and painting. Further on starting from 1987 she was participating in exhibitions (in Lviv, Kiev, Vienna, Dortmund, Angers, Siegen, Salzburg, Brussels and many other cities of Western Europe). Nina is also a member of National Union of Artists of Ukraine since 1990. It is inherent for her way of art, typical for 1990-2000s, several search artistic flows, which are fixed by cycles of paintings and prints, with internally determined stylistic priorities. Folklore and modern traditions, combined with abstract compositional elements in her work, had a great success among wide audience. The artist herself perceives her work as a coherent energy stream, the prophecy of which is one or another mood, action, attributes, and semantic designs subtly drawn in color and texture. Her works can be seen in museums of Ukraine and private collections of Ukraine, Canada, USA, Austria, Belgium, etc.

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