(1958, Mykolaiv) is a Ukrainian artist. He graduated from the Odesa State Art School named after Grekov (1978) and Kyiv National University of Culture and Art (2007). Member of the Union of Artists (1989). Laureate of the Andrii Mentukh International Prize “KAMEON”, Poland (1993).

Laureate of the Municipal Competition named after Kyriac Kostandi in the Painting category (2008). Territorial editor of the magazine “Fine Art”. The artist’s works are stored in the Museum of Ukraine and in private collections. His works are an infinitely mysterious and frightening world filled with the clash of darkness and light, inhabited by angels, bird-people and fish. The painting of the late 20th century bears traces of constructivist elements in the form of lines and rays that divide the space of the picture into distinct color fragments. Imagination, taste and impeccable craftsmanship gave rise to the desire to constantly improve one’s own style.

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